The APT Methodology (known online as APT Online) is an online project management tool providing a cost effective approach to controlling project management and systems development. It is concise, flexible and easy to use. The APT Methodology is a full life cycle Methodology incorporating all the phases in the development and system acquisition life cycle along with additional phases addressing the management of ICT facilities. Each phase of the Methodology contains detailed activity and task lists and is supported by template documents to help you plan and manage your projects. Put simply, APT saves you re-inventing the wheel and introduces the culture of ‘like projects being done in a like manner’.

Benefits of a Proven Methodology

APT reduces the risk of projects by introducing a stable and structured environment. Startup times are reduced dramatically by decreasing the learning curve for project initiation and planning and providing instant access to online project structure and templates. More than just a methodology, APT Online adds a new level of flexibility to the strength and value of a Methodology. Flexibility such as being able to modify tasks and templates to be specific to your organisation and the ability to link directly to or from your own management systems and processes. This functionality provides you with a methodology that can easily become part of your evolving management systems culture.


Three Levels of Methods

The APT Methodology has three distinct levels incorporating enterprise management, project management and systems development or acquisition. The methodology is designed to be used as a whole or modular, allowing you to use parts of APT with other methods suitable to your project environment.




APT Project Management

The APT Methodology has a strong project management focus with a complete phase dedicated to the initiation, planning, control and reviewing of projects. While aimed at Information Systems, the Project Management Phase can equally be used in all types of projects.