Risk ManagementISO 31000 defines risk as being the effect of uncertainty on business objectives.  Effective risk management helps prioritise and manage objectives through informed decision making. APT Systems provides risk management consulting and systems to help you develop and manage your business risk. Our risk management services encompass

  • enterprise risk management including legislative, governance, financial and operational risk, and
  • project risk management, focusing on risks specific to your organisations projects.

Risk management is a never ending process.  Too often we see risks managed in ‘bursts’, at the start of a project or maybe the start of a new business strategy review, where the stakeholders meet to identify and analyse initial risks to a project or strategy. The risks are analysed, some mitigation plans put in place and then everyone continues with business as usual.

Conditions, people and risk appetite all change as your project and business environment change. Risk plans need to be regularly reviewed and updated adjusting mitigation strategies as the conditions change.  APT Systems risk framework and tools help you monitor and control your risks while maintaining good communication with your stakeholders.

Our detailed risk framework based on ISO 31000 Risk Management provides the principals and guidelines necessary to manage your organisation risk. The framework, along with our automated APT Risk Register is fully traceable and designed to be tailored to your organisational vocabulary and risk parameters.  Talk to us now about how risk management should be a value proposition not an organisational overhead.